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Your Loft Conversion is excellent solution to Move UP not Move OUT

We all really like your loft conversion as there is different type’s shapes sizes therefore the most architecturally interesting spaces could be transformed and created beautiful living spaces. So why to move out? Move up instead and convert unused living space and increase your property’s value.

We really like your loft conversion

If you have suitable roof and have not converted loft space yet then you should definitely think about to get it done. Your loft conversion is not cost they earn as the property’s value goes up more than actual conversion cost.

Today’s our living style requires an office space, study, or playroom areas included build in TVs multimedia’s connected, lofts in many cases could be converted in to the unique spaces to suite our requirements.

Is definitely great to be on roof floor level with all the very best views above trees, take advantage of continuous daylight in to the loft space. Lofts are really beautiful living spaces.

Loft space stands out as a highest point inside the house over other living spaces and they’re usually the most quiet rooms to, allow us to get out of the busy world below. Due to this completely unique atmosphere as well as the exclusive shape makes lofts incredibly special with intimate spaces, adding an en-suite bathroom is very popular choice to.

Loft conversions is not simple building task, there various technical alterations is involved in the process only specialists could build it. There is some steps to follow included building regulations and party wall agreements however this shouldn’t discourage you to get it done. Specialist loft conversion companies expertise should guide you on each step of the process.

Listed below are some top guidelines when you are converting your loft space.

Planning permission

  • Planning permission is not normally required. However, permission is required where you extend or alter the roof space and it exceeds specified limits and conditions.

Engineer’s calculations

  • Structural engineer is needed to get involved in the lofts structure design. Building Control will require the engineer’s estimations in order to be able to approve your plans. This process is to make sure additional load from the loft conversion follows a safe load-path all the way down into the building’s foundations. Structural failure can be devastating.

Party wall agreement

  • In case you are building inside the side walls in your house (the walls jointly belonging to you and your neighbour).Then working on existing party walls you should give notice at least two months before you would like to start work.


  • Insulate your loft is necessary requirements of the building regulations. To make sure heat is not lost through the roof area and side walls. Insulating material is comparatively cheaper once you consider how much money could possibly be saved on your heating bills.


  • When planning your loft area, advantage could be to install a great size dormer together with windows included doors as well as Juliet balcony to the rear of the dormer that will provide you with additional headroom inside the room and also better views outside.


  • It’s recommended to provide plenty of accessibility to the available storage space inside the eaves (eaves are the edges of the roof which overhang the face of a wall and, normally, project beyond the side of a building). It’s great space to make build inn storage spaces.


  • Skylights will allows amazing sky views and plenty of sunlight in day time. There is some choice available from roof windows, dormer windows and skylights, or even a VELUX balcony window will make impressive effect. Select a roof window together with built-in window blinds which enables you to prevent available sunlight when needed, could be selected electronically closed and opened using a remote control.


  • Get the lighting right in loft. Use recessed low-energy spotlights in the flat part of the ceiling below the ridge and fit wall sconces on gable-end walls. If you have exposed beams, you can also fit directional spots to these, but try to conceal the light source to prevent glare. They could exclusively turn out to be stunning as well as romantic spaces when the lights are best suited in the evenings. Great option is to have all lights installed on dimmer switches to give you maximum adjustability.


  • The positioning of the new loft staircase is the most important element within the loft conversion design. It will eventually affect the existing layout of your floor and also the layout of the loft space itself. When required height can be achieved creating a dormer, roof light or even if suitable transforming a hip roof end to a gable. Get it incorrectly and both levels could be a design failure.


  • Install under floor heating system inside a new loft. It’s the most effective type of heating and makes it possible to take advantage of valuable wall space when it comes to furniture instead of it being wasted with radiators. But radiators is still the cheapest option to.

If you like to talk with us about your loft conversion Griffon Construction Ltd could share the expertise. Also we include in the loft conversions 10 years insurance backed guarantee for Free.

Loft Conversions is To Move Up not Move Out
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Loft Conversions is To Move Up not Move Out
Article about Loft Conversion Solutions and step by step Loft conversion from project to reality.
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