The Design Phase 


Our Home Consultation is the first step to Creating Your Wonderful Living Space

Site survey
First, one of our advisors will visit your home to carry out a free home consultation. Here, we can advise you on the type of home extension, loft conversion or renovation layout that is feasible for your home and we can take the essential measurements required for your quotation.

We can change your quotation as many times as you wish before you commit to it, so if you’ve forgotten anything or you’d like to add other features, all you have to do is ask.

Once you are happy with your quotation, a contract is drawn up and signed. We will agree to complete your bespoke home extension, loft conversion or renovation for a fixed price and within a set timescale. It’s all there in writing and we will deliver.

Steps and timescales

If required, a member of our architectural team will visit your home to complete a survey and produce a set of plans.  We can also help with structural calculations and building control. We can even submit your plans under permitted development or full planning. This process takes between six to eight weeks. We do all the hard work and get all the permissions you need.

Our project surveyor will work with you during the council planning approval time to fine-tune the details in your specification and ensure all aspects of the project are covered.

Once planning approval has been granted, we will then start preparing all the required documentation for the build, begin the preparation of materials and allocate the foreman to your project.

Party wall agreement
A party wall agreement is required if your home has a wall that is connected to another property on either side.  Each neighbour will have to be informed of the proposed works using a party wall notice form at least two calendar months before the start of the build.  At Griffon Construction we can provide advice on this process and if necessary put you in touch with one of our certified Party Wall Surveyors.

The Build Phase – Lofts


The average loft conversion from start to completion usually takes between 7-9 weeks. The construction of a new room within the existing loft space is relatively straightforward. The key tasks that we undertake when constructing a loft, these tasks work in three phases.

Preparation and steelwork

The scaffolding will be erected and the team will install the steel beams to ensure that the building is secure and that we can convert the loft into a habitable space. We will then install the new floor structure.

Roof and frame construction

We then create the box structure known as a dormer. Once the frame is constructed, we then weatherproof the sides and roof of the dormer and surroundings. Once this is complete, we will have secured, insulated and weatherproofed the loft area.

Internal work

Once the exterior structure is weatherproofed, the internal work begins with installing the internal walls, arranging drainage, plumbing and electrical points. We also breakthrough to the existing house to arrange the stairs. This process takes about two days and can be a little dusty. Finally, the walls are skimmed, the carpentry is completed and we paint the walls, ceilings and woodwork.
Throughout this process, you would have regular team meetings with the foreman to go through the project plan. Your project surveyor will be available throughout the process.

The Build Phase – Extensions


The average single story rear extension to completion takes between 10-12 weeks. The key tasks when constructing a standard extension that is split into six phases.


The first aim would be to clear space and dig the foundations. These are digging to a depth stipulated by the architect but approved by the building inspector. Once the depth has been approved, we then pour the concrete foundations and install any steels that are required to support the structure.


Once the concrete has dried we begin the brickwork. At an early stage of the brickwork, the building control officer will approve the damp proofing and once approved we continue the brickwork to the highest point, which we call the roof plate level.

Demolition and structural

We now have to knock through to the existing kitchen, remove the exterior wall and install the final steel beams to ensure the house is structurally sound. We will at this point move your kitchen into another part of the house and seal off the back area so it’s secure and does not leave you open to risk.

Roof construction

The key focus is to now weatherproof the house and constructs the roof. Finally, we install the tiles or felt depending on if you choose a pitched or flat roof extension. Once this is complete the new floor will be installed into the new area.

Internal works

Once the concrete floor is dry, the team will commence with the internal work, which includes installing the internal walls, arranging drainage, plumbing and electrical points. The walls will be skimmed and the finishing touches will be completed on the ‘shell’ of the extension.

Kitchen installation

Now we install the kitchen and install all of the skirtings and doors. We also now install any floor finishing, such as tiling or wooden flooring, and finally, decorate the room so it’s ready to use.

Once your home extension, a loft conversion is complete and you are happy with it, we will provide you with all relevant certification including building control completion certificates. You’ll need these if you ever decide to sell your home.

Like all of our customers, you’ll receive a ten-year insurance backed guarantee. Any problems with your home extension, loft conversion, or renovation we carried out? Just give us a call and we will take care of any problems you might have. It’s a long time, but that’s how confident we are in the quality of our work.

Your home loft conversion, house extension, renovation is not a short term solution. It’s a bespoke, high-quality home improvement designed to transform your home for a lifetime.

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