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Scrub up remodelling your bathroom!

Remodelling your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It may not be big on size but your bathroom is a staple part of your life and you visit it multiple times a day. Renovating can be a daunting prospect but there are so many benefits, it is a worthwhile investment of your time and effort. Bathroom, powder room, restroom – call it what you will – let’s take a look at some of the advantages of giving your smallest room a BIG makeover!

Increase the value of your home
A remodelled your bathroom is among the top home improvements when it comes to adding value and it will help attract potential buyers. A well-designed bathroom equipped with modern and aesthetic components and fixtures is considered an asset by potential buyers and can increase the value of your property by around 6 per cent. Taking it one step further, if your home currently only has one bathroom, an additional bathroom (perhaps in the form of an en-suite) will add around £12,000 to the market value of your home.
Modern families are not prepared to wait their turn for the bathroom and many buyers are put off by properties with too few bathrooms. According to estate agents, a property with four or more bedrooms must have a minimum of two bathrooms or it will be very difficult to sell.

Improved water and energy efficiency
Remodelling your bathroom with new plumbing and fixtures will ensure you are taking advantage of today’s water and energy-saving options such as low-flow toilets and showerheads and LED lighting. In addition to reducing your utility bills, you will also be doing your bit for the planet.

Easy cleaning
Poorly designed bathrooms invite clutter and this alone makes the task of cleaning time-consuming and laborious. Sleek, modern wall-hung toilets, washbasins and low-maintenance flooring options all play their part in making cleaning so much easier, as does a walk-in shower with a single glass panel. Thoughtfully designed bathroom units increase storage capacity and provide discreet homes for medicines and toiletries for a minimalist, swift-to-sparkle space!
One of the biggest barriers to a clean bathroom is insufficient ventilation. You don’t need to have spent ages in the shower or bath to create a serious amount of unwanted moisture – just a short run of your washbasin tap will do it. Trapped humidity lingers, with the inevitable mould not far behind. In addition to it ruining your interior decor, mould is difficult to budge once it colonises. Any renovation project should ensure maximum ventilation to keep your new bathroom fresh and gleaming. If your bathroom doesn’t currently have a window, install one if at all possible. If window installation isn’t viable in your bathroom, ensure you choose an efficient extractor fan. One option is a ceiling exhaust fan. These are relatively easy to install in bathroom ceilings and work by drawing humid air upwards, encouraging it to dissipate through your roof. Wall-mounted bathroom fans are a simple and effective alternative. These exhausts are fitted on the wall of your home, forming a simple channel through which moisture can escape.

Better space utilisation
Does your bathroom feel cramped when there’s more than one person in it? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you would benefit from having remodelling your bathroom. Even the smallest bathrooms can work incredibly well – it’s all about making optimum use of the space available. Changing the layout of the components and fixtures can make a huge difference to the amount of useable space, as can installing a hidden cistern toilet, and the addition of mirrors and effective lighting in the bathroom can create the illusion of a much larger room. A luxury walk-in shower with a seamless glass panel will transform your bathroom into a bright, open space which instantly feels larger.

What could be more inviting after a long, tiring day than a relaxing soak in the bath or an invigorating shower to wash away stresses and strains? An outdated bathroom which has lost its former charm will do little to help you unwind. Replacing your old bathtub with the uncluttered, contemporary style of a free-standing bath, or something more spa-like will transform the space and provide a relaxing retreat. Combined with flexible mood lighting and calming colours and textures, your bathroom will become a soothing and serene sanctuary.

There are many reasons why breathing a bit of new life into your tired old bathroom is a pretty good idea. The result will far outweigh the upheaval and will soon be forgotten as you bask in the benefits of your new space. It’s time to take the plunge – remodelling your bathroom!

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