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loft conversion plansLoft Conversion Plans = Living the High Life

In many homes, the loft is a dark, mysterious place, full of long-forgotten clutter which ‘might come in handy one day’. Twenty years on and the chances are the junk still sits there, untouched. What a waste of potential living space in your home!

Opting to convert your loft has become one of the most popular home improvement ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.


Easy and more affordable alternative to moving house

No doubt moving house is a stressful and costly process, perhaps resulting in a longer and more expensive commute to work or the need to uproot your children from their existing school and friends. You may love your house and neighbourhood and it could be difficult to find an area that lives up to your expectations.

A loft conversion is a surprisingly quick and easy improvement, considering the dramatic transformation it makes to your home. There will be no need to live off-site while your new loft room is being developed and internal works, such as the installation of a staircase, can often be accomplished within a day while the family are out at work or school.

With the very little disruption to your day-to-day life, the whole process should be completed within 4–6 weeks.

For 80% of the project, builders do not need to set foot inside your home. All utilities will be working as normal and the property will be secure at all times.


Planning permission is not required

Because, in most cases, a loft conversion plans don’t change the overall external appearance of your home, you don’t need planning permission. This saves both time and money and there is no risk that your proposed alteration will be rejected. If your loft is no more than 40 cubic metres in size, you will be allowed to proceed with the project almost immediately under what is known as ‘Permitted Development.’ It means you can get started on your project within your preferred timescale.


Adds value to your home and improves energy efficiency

Adding another room to your home increases the value of your property as long as it meets the legal requirements necessary to qualify as an additional room. According to experts, a loft conversion plans is a leading way to increase the value of your home. An insulated loft conversion is also energy efficient, retaining the heat and reducing your energy bills.


You won’t lose outside space

A traditional home extension comes hand-in-hand with sacrificing some of your outside space – usually a chunk of the back garden. Loft conversion leaves your outside space uncompromised as you are building upward.


A source of income

With the cost of living in metropolitan areas on the rise, more people are renting accommodation rather than buying their own home.  A properly converted attic room – or entire studio if your loft is big enough – can be rented out, giving you an additional regular income.


Hopefully, you have now been persuaded that moving house is not the only solution if you feel you are beginning to outgrow your home. Whether you need an en-suite bedroom, a quiet and secluded place to work or a relaxing, sun-drenched retreat, a loft conversion makes the most of free, available space.

It’s also the perfect incentive to declutter and do away with forgotten possessions you no longer use.

Whatever your motivation – don’t move out, move up! Make you loft conversion plans transfer into reality!

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