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Bifold Doors Let the outside in!

Bifold doors are all the rage. It’s difficult to beat their sleek and minimal look, inside and out. The wide aperture that they create floods your home with natural sunlight and gives an almost seamless view of the outdoor space – these are huge aesthetic benefits. Installing internal bifold doors is a great way of modernising older and period properties, at the same time enhancing a modern space to create a stunning, open-plan environment in which to work, rest and entertain.

Let’s take a more detailed look at why bifold doors are the ideal home improvement choice.

Blend your indoor and outdoor space 

One of the biggest benefits of exterior bifold doors is that they minimise the appearance of a physical barrier between your outside and indoor space. When closed, their narrow frames and large windows allow an almost unobstructed view of the garden, and when opened, the outside and internal areas blend seamlessly. All of your favourite spring and summer pursuits – barbecues, garden parties and quiet evening drinks – are enhanced when you remove the physical barrier between your home and garden.


Allow more natural light into your home

Whether open or closed, a large bifold door aperture is a fantastic way to flood your home with the uplifting zest of natural light. For small spaces that may lack natural light, the addition of bifold doors can improve the brightness and general atmosphere of the room. Also, if you are short of space inside your home, you can opt for bifold doors which open to the outside rather than the inside. Bifold doors fold and stack away neatly either all to the left, all to the right or half to each side of the aperture. You can choose how many leaves you fold back at a time so they provide a variable-sized opening.


The illusion of space

Even in modestly sized rooms, bifold doors help to make the most of available space because the combination of large panes of glass and slim frames help the eye to merge the inside and outdoor spaces, giving the illusion of one expansive area.


Flexible open plan living and working

Not only are bifold doors a great option as an opening between your inside and outdoor spaces, but they also allow fantastic open plan living when fitted as internal dividers. For example, they can be used to isolate the family room from your home office when you need space to work quietly. They offer far better sound insulation than standard room dividers while retaining the option to slide them open when you have the place to yourself. For businesses seeking flexible office layout and meeting rooms, internal bifold doors provide the perfect solution due to their soundproofing capacity.


Space-saving around the entranceway

Bifold doors concertina back on themselves so take up very little space and don’t impede access. For smaller living areas or compact gardens, this is an important benefit. French doors, on the other hand, need lots of space around them to be fully opened, and sliding patio doors are only able to open to half of their full width.


Variable opening options

You might be wondering if manoeuvring bifold doors is a slow process for those times when you just want to nip in and out quickly. However, most bifold includes an access door, so this isn’t a problem. An access door is built into the bifold door frame and works in the same way as a conventional door with a lever-style handle. So, you have the option to use the access door for quick exit and entry or use it to slide and stack all of the bifold leaves when you want to open up the entire aperture.

Superior security

Bifold doors offer a high degree of security which makes them an attractive option in both domestic and commercial settings. They feature multi-point locking systems spread throughout the length of the track on which they run, whereas sliding or French doors usually only have one locking point. For the security conscious, this is an important factor to consider.


Thermal efficiency

While external bifold doors are a wonderful way to bring extra light and warmth into your home, you may question whether they are able to stand up to the elements. The truth is, bifold doors provide greater energy efficiency and thermal retention than conventional patio doors and are nowhere near as draughty. Allowing more natural light into your home means you use less artificial energy. By increasing the energy efficiency of your home, you are saving money and the planet at the same time!


Add value to your property

The value that high-quality bi-fold doors add to your home means there is no doubt they are a worthwhile investment. Whether you are improving a contemporary home or reviving and modernising an older property, bifold doors add value and entice potential buyers.

Well, hopefully, that’s enough to convince you that investing in bifold doors is a really great idea. There’s little doubt they are an improvement you won’t regret – you’ll be enjoying the benefits for many years to come!

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